Last January 5, SPCP Batch 1994 officially hosted the SPCP Annual Homecoming to celebrate their batch’s silver jubilee. It capped a year of fundraising, get-togethers and outreach programs for Batch 1994. With their big hearts, Batch 1994 donated Php1,994,000 to SPCP to be used for several community programs such as the SPCPAA Financial Assistance Fund and the S.P.A.C.E (loan repayment and maintenance). Before the end of the evening’s festivities, an official turn-over ceremony took place where the Alumnae Key was handed from Batch 1994 to Batch 1995.

To accept the key (and challenge) to host next year’s SPCP Alumnae Homecoming from Maida and Carla of Batch 1994 were the Batch 1995 Core Group led by Jing Yao Ortiz-Luis.

Batch 1995 turnover

From Left to Right: Maida (94), Gypsy (95), Carla (94), Marie (95), Mildred (95), Jing (95), Jozen (95), Karen (95), Jau (95), Eileen (95), Ricelle (95), Jean (95), Inna (95), Suby (95), Bucci (95), Jeng (95), Marichi (95) and Geng (95)

This makes it official mga baliws! It’s our turn to get together a lot in 2019 to make our homecoming year the best one ever!