Phoebe Almazan Beltran

Phoebe has been an art teacher and a freelance designer since 2002. Her works have been influenced by her training and experiences as an interior design graduate from the University of the Philippines. Her work mostly includes silhouettes, landscapes, and representations of organic forms or patterns, and scenes of everyday life. Her works have been featured in local and international exhibitions.
She is also active in several art groups. She founded the ART Ventures and Advocacy Network (ARTVAN), a foundation that promotes art as an integral part of the environment and everyday life, and a powerful agent for social change. To date, ARTVAN has worked with AFP Medical Center, Girl’s Move PH, Teach Peace Build Peace, Quezon City Experience, Sining
Kamalig, and Miriam College Gallery of Women’s Art, among others, on advocacy projects. She is also a founding officer of Philippine Pastel Artists Inc. (PPA Inc.) where she currently holds the position of corporate treasurer. Last but not the least, she is a member of Philippine Art Educators Association (PAEA) and Kasibulan.

Aside from involvement in art organizations, Phoebe also serves the art community in different capacities. As educator and advocate, she has taught art in basic and tertiary education, provided art therapy sessions for children of battered women, co-authored Music, Arts and P.E. textbooks for students, and given workshops on teaching strategies for art. As researcher, she has received a Japanese government scholarship to study the collaborative efforts of university, public school and local museum in training art teachers in Japan, and has finished her thesis entitled, “Influences on Curriculum Development of Philippine Elementary Art Education from 1946 to 2012”. Her active involvement has earned her the Gawad Gandingan Award and Gawad Saluysoy for ARTVAN from PAEA. She is presently an Art Education professor at the College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Rachel Calabia Epp

Rachel Calabia Epp is a writer, editor, and crafter. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines and her certificate degree in copy editing from the University of California, Berkeley. She recently completed her first novel, The Pembury Will, and she is currently working on the sequels. She currently lives in Saskatoon, Canada, with her husband in an apartment full of books.

Jeng Bernardo-Cabrera

Jeng graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Visual Communications at The University of the Philippines, Diliman. She is a full time mother of three and tries to squeeze in time for her art whenever she can. Fairly new in painting, she joined her first show, UPDate Dekada 90, a Reunion Exhibit at Art Anton, just last year together with
some fellow UP Fine Arts alumni.

As a child, Jeng would spend her afternoons drawing on discarded papers. She draws mostly faces and the human form. She has also been drawn to nature, specially plants. These were now formed in graphic images in her current paintings with a lot of play in color. At home, she tends to her plants in her outdoor studio and plays with clay on her pottery wheel. In the future, she plans to concentrate on her art, both in paintings and pottery and wishes to have her own kiln as well.

Angela Abcede-Comsti

Angela Anne Abcede-Comsti, also known as Anj to her numerous friends and clients, is a graduate of Fine Arts Advertising from UST. But her passion did not just start there.
She has always been known as one of SPCP Batch ‘95’s resident artists, having love for the arts since age six! Nowadays, she creates beautiful portraits of family, friends and a growing clientele. Her sole purpose of making people happy with her artwork is extremely effective, because they serve as lasting and memorable gifts! She mainly creates digital portraits using a non-traditional watercolor or ink effect, which gives softer strokes and colors. She also creates watercolor masterpieces, a perfect addition to any home!

Sasha Garcia

Sasha Garcia is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate who majored in Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. While she is experienced in digital layout, print, and book design, she is into re-exploring traditional tools and methods in her creations. At the moment, she enjoys making thread art and rubber crafts.

Jean Prudente

Jean has always appreciated art since her childhood, which led to numerous summer classes. Her works, which are stirred by whatever she sees around her, are pencil or oil pastel on paper, or oil on canvass or glass, while her digital photography mostly revolves around food, travel, and her cats.

She earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Asia and the Pacific, and is active in various animal welfare advocacies.


Lia Roque

I love photography especially street photography and taking photos of nature because I am able to capture a moment in time that will not happen again. I love this passion
because this is a connection I have with my mom because I learned everything from her. I love life and I want to share how I see the world through my shots.

Vera Ruivivar

Vera started out as a make up artist before venturing into the world of graphic design. Having only recently discovered her fondness for painting and illustration, she has spent every opportunity honing her gift and making up for lost time. Her latest foray has found her incorporating handpainted and drawn images into her surface patters. Although watercolour and paper are her media of choice, she also experiments with resin and acrylic, is a hobbyist photographer, and diarist.