Last year when we started organizing and planning for our silver jubilee, I thought an app would be a good way to promote the the homecoming. Even though apps are everywhere, having an app created specifically for us would create some buzz.

Creating a simple alumnae app is a passion side project of mine. I love designing interfaces and designing an app fit right into my wheel house. The app would have a simple design and simple use cases. It would be a safe space for batch mates to connect with one another, have access to merchandise we have for our fundraising and promote businesses that support our group through advertisements and discounts.

An important caveat is this app wasn’t sanctioned by the batch, no batch funds were used to create this app.

After 21 weeks in development we launched the first (or beta) version of the app today on the App Store. We will launch the app on the Google Play Store after we make changes to the current version based on user feedback.

You can download the app by searching SPCP on the App Store.

When you sign up for the app, keep in mind that you will be one of the first users of this app. Any input, comments, feedback would be valuable as we make this app even better.